Transfer/Second Card Application Process

Any person applying for membership in this local must be of good character and reputation and unless waived by the International for proper cause upon application by the local, must have been a resident within Local 470's jurisdiction for at least 18 months preceding application with Local 470.

Applications for Transfer from another IATSE Local into Local 470, or applications for Journeyman’s card with Local 470 by persons holding journeyman status in another IATSE Local, (Second Card), are accepted at any time.  Applications are accepted without discrimination because of age, sex, race, color, religion, sexual preference, national origin, physical appearance or educational accreditation.  Received applications are announced at the next general membership meeting and the earliest that the written test and interview may take place is the following month’s general membership meeting.

To be eligible for Transfer/Second Card, an applicant must:

Anyone interested in applying for Transfer/Second Card may request a written test study guide at any time from the Chair of the Education Committee.  When the applicant has met the above criteria, a written test may be requested.  Tests are administered at any general membership meeting, upon receipt of a written request to the Chair of the Education Committee, received 2 or more weeks prior to said meeting.  The applicant will be provided the time and place of the next meeting by the Chair.

All applicants are required to present themselves to the membership during a general meeting, for an interview.  This interview may, at the request of the applicant, take place at the same meeting when all of the written test is being taken.  Applicants are notified within 2 weeks, of their test score by mail.  Applicants may present themselves for the interview at the next general membership meeting, after having completed the test.  Notification of the next scheduled meeting will accompany the test results.  No penalty will attach to the applicant if they are unavailable to attend the next meeting.

By secret ballot, the membership votes on the acceptance of the applicant at the end of the interview, pending a passing score of 80% being achieved upon the written test.

If the applicant passes the written test with a score of 80% or better per section and is accepted by the ballot vote of the general membership a second card will be issued, or transfer accepted.  If the applicant is requesting a transfer card, the applicant must request the necessary transfer paperwork to be forwarded to Local 470 in accordance with the provisions in the International Constitution.

If the applicant has not passed the test with a minimum score of 80% per section, but is acceptable, by ballot, to the membership, the applicant must retake the entire test, and achieve a minimum score of 80% per section before the applicant is allowed to become a member of Local 470. The Applicant must contact the Chair of the Education Committee for all test requests.

The applicant may achieve the required 80% test scores, but for other reasons, not be granted a transfer or a second card upon the vote of the membership.  If the applicant is rejected by the membership, upon written request, the applicant will be given general information as to the objections of the membership. Any written request should be addressed to the Executive Board of Local 470.

Any applicant that is not accepted may make a re-application.  A second application request will be considered after a minimum 6 month waiting period.  All re-applicants must submit another letter of intent, and present themselves for another interview by the membership at a general membership meeting.  The re-application letter is announced at a general membership meeting.  The interview and re-test, if necessary, are available at subsequent meetings.

An application may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

Any letter of re-application will be rejected if the minimum 6 month waiting period has not passed.

Adopted April, 2008; amended July, 2014