Suggested Reading:

Here is a list of books on our craft which have been suggested by local members:

Arena Rigging-Safe Lifting; Donovan, Harry; Stage Rigging, Inc.; ISBN 10: 0972338101 ISBN 13: 9780972338103; 2002.

Backstage Handbook; Carter, Paul; Broadway Press; ISBN 0-911747-29-X; 3rd ed, 1994.

Handbook for Riggers, Newbury; W.G.; Newberry Investment Co Ltd; ISBN: 0969015410 ; 2nd edition,1989.

Rigging, FM 5-125, Department of Army, Washington DC, 1995.

Stage Rigging Handbook, Glerum, Jay O., Southern Illinois Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0809317443 ; 2nd edition, 1997.

Theatre Backstage from A to Z; Lounsbury, Warren C. and Boulanger, Norman C; University of Washington Press; ISBN: 0295977175 ; 4th edition, 2000.

Getting The Most From Your Followspot: an Operator's Handbook; Morris, Bert; Theatrical Technicians, Inc.; ISBN: 0966561600 ; 1988.

Stagecrafters Handbook Guide for Theatre Technicians, I E Clark; ISBN: 0886803942 ; 3rd edition, 1994.

Handbook for Riggers; Newbury; W.G.; Newberry Investment Co Ltd; ISBN: 0969015410; 2nd edition,1989.

Stagecraft 1: A Complete Guide to Backstage Work; William H. Lord, Arthur L. Zapel (Editor); Meriwether Pub; ISBN: 0916260763 ; 2nd edition, 1991.

Stagecraft for Nonprofessionals (Revised and Updated); Buerki, F. A. and Susan J. Christensen (Editor);ISBN: 0299093549 ; 3rd edition, December 1983.

Arena Rigging; Donovan, Harry;