To create a new show file:
Open CIA (Central Information Area) by clicking on the gold double chevrons. If Browser is not displayed, push the [Display] button. In Browser, click {File/New} and press [Select]. Confirm your choice by selecting {OK}. {Patch 1to1} is the default. Press {OK} to confirm, deselect and press {OK} to choose something else.

To Clear Patch:
Open the Browser. With the mouse, select [Clear]. then select "Clear patch" to unpatch everything, or "Reset patch" for a 1-to-1 patch.

To Patch Dimmers/Circuits to Channels:
Go to [Diplays], then press the soft key now labeled {Patch}. Default display for Patch display is for Channel mode (Channel then Address). This can be reversed by pressing the [Format] button.

To patch a channel with an address, press [channel no.] [at] [desired address no.] [Enter]
E.g. To Patch Channel 5 with Dimmers 1 and 2 :
[5] [At] [1] [And] [2][Enter]
Press [Live] to enter on-stage mode.

To Patch a Moving Light:
Select [Displays] {Patch}. Press [Channel no.] Click the {Type} button in the CIA. Select device in the fixture library by selecting {Manufacturer}. Scroll to and select the desired fixture. E.g. to patch Channel 110 to an ETC Revolution with original type scroller and a Blank and an Iris module installed, in Patch mode press:
[110]{Type}{Manufctr}{ETC} scroll to {Revolution BM/IM Original}

To set levels for a cue:
In [Live] mode, Press [channel no.] [At] [level in percent][Enter].
E.g. to set channel 1 at 50%:
[1] [At] [50][Enter]
NOTE: use [+], [-] and [Thru] to set combinations of channels.
Use [Full][Enter] to set level at 100%.
The Intensity wheel can also be used to adjust selected channels.

To restore selected channels to recorded levels:
Press [channel no.] [Sneak][Enter].
To restore all altered channels, Press [Clear] [Sneak][Enter].

To Record a Crossfade Cue:
Press [Record] [cue no.] [Enter] Default time will be added.
E.g.: [Rec] [1] [Enter]
To set another time:
Press [Time] [time in seconds, or minutes;seconds].
E.g.: [Time] [10][Enter]

To record different Up/Down times:
Press [Time] [up time] [Time] [down time][Enter]

To record Segue (lead/follow) cues:
For an Up time that starts after Down time starts:
Remember that time starts counting at [GO]:
Press [Time] [up][Delay][count] [Time][down][Enter]
Delay count = time after GO that upfade starts

For a Down time that starts after Up time starts:
Remember that time starts counting at [GO]:
Press [Time] [up] [Time] [down][Delay][count][Enter]

To record Auto-follow cues (a cue automatically launches another cue):
For a Follow Cue (timing counts from GO of first cue), Record cue, including times, then:
[FollowHg] [delay before next cue in sec. from Go] [Enter]
Then record the cue that follows.
For a Hang Cue (timing counts from completion of first cue), Record cue then:
[FollowHg][FollowHg] [delay before next cue in sec. from end of this cue] [Enter]
Then record the cue that follows.

To auto-load an out-of-sequence cue as next cue:
Record cue, time, etc. as above, then press:
Softkey{Link} [no. of next desired cue][Enter]
NOTE: YOU CAN EDIT TIMES, DELAYS, FOLLOWS, LINKS at a later time by calling up a cue,
[Cue] [No.] [Enter], then function [Time]Delay][Follow]{Link} as desired.

To play back a cue, use [Go To Cue] button:
Call up first cue in sequence, [Go To Cue][Cue no.][Enter]
Press [GO] under fader.

Next cue loads automatically as cue runs complete.
To stop a launched cue before it is complete:
Press [Hold] beside [GO].
Press [GO] to continue.

To Clear all cues (fade to blackout and unload a fader) go to Cue Zero:
Press [Go To Cue][0][Enter]. Lights will fade to Black in 5 sec.
To back up into previous cue:
Press [Back] above fader.

To record a Submaster, set desired look on Stage, then:
Press [Record] [Sub] [no. of sub] [Enter]
Press [Record] [Sub] both [Flash] buttons of Sub desired.

To record a Group (a collection of channels selected as a unit),
Set desired channels on Stage, then:
Press [Record] [Group] [no.] [Enter].
To call up a group and set to a level:
Press [Group] [no.] [At] [level].

To adjust a Moving Light, select the channel of the fixture and set a level:
Ex.: Press [Chan] [at][level] [Enter]
Press Parameter page button at upper right of console, [Int] [Focus] [Color] [Beam]

Display under the four encoders changes to label each encoder with a function. Spin the identified encoder to adjust the desired fixture parameter. E.g.:
[Int](Pan encoder) (tilt encoder) [Color](Scroller encoder) etc.

Record into cue when finished.

To Save a show to the internal Hard Drive, open the Browser. Select [Display] if necessary:
Double click [Save] or [Save As] as appropriate. Enter a Show Name with either virtual or a USB keyboard. Press [Enter].
If you wish to save to a, external USB flash drive, insert drive in front panel or rear USB port. In the Browser double click the USB drive to open it, then save as above.

To load a show from Hard Drive:
In the Browser, from the menu select {Open}, then click the Showfile desired.
NOTE: This will erase show currently in board. Save a backup first as above if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: This cheat sheet covers only the very basics. The board has many more advanced functions, such as Pallets and Presents. Please refer to the 350+ page manual. :-)