PROGRAMMING ETC Impression/Expression/Express LIGHT BOARDS

To Clear Patch:
Go to [Setup], [4]-"Clear functions" [Enter]
Select desired Clear function from menu, e.g. [5]-"Clear Show and Patch" [Enter]
Press [Stage] to return to Stage Mode. This will put you in Default 1-to-1 patch.

To put all dimmers in the "Pool", i.e. nothing patched in anything:
Go to [Patch], Press [Dimmer] [1] [Through] [(highest circ/dimmer no.)] [Enter],[00 (zero,zero)] [Enter].

To Patch Dimmers/Circuits to Channels:
Go to [Patch], Press [Dimmer] [desired no.] [Enter] [desired channel no.] [Enter]
Ex. To Patch Dimmers 1 and 2 into Channel 5:
[Dimmer] [1] [And] [2] [Enter] [5] [Enter]
Press [Stage] to return to Stage mode.

To set levels for a cue:
In [Stage] mode:
Press [Channel] if not already lit,
[channel no.] [At] [level in percent].
E.g. to set channel 1 at 50%:
[1] [At] [50]
NOTE: use [And] and [Through] to set combinations of channels.
Use [Full] to set level at 100%.

To Record a Crossfade Cue:
Press [Record] [cue no.] [Enter] Default time will be added.
E.g.: [Rec] [1] [Enter]
To set another time:
Press [Time] [time in seconds, or minutes;seconds].
E.g.: [Time] [10]

To change a time, call up cue:
[Cue] [no.] [Enter]
[Time] [min;sec]

To record different Up/Down times:
Press [Time] [up time] [Time] [down time]

To record Segue (lead/follow) cues:
For an Up time that starts after Down time starts:
Remember that time starts counting at [GO]:
Press [Time] [up] [Time] [down]
[Wait] [time after GO that upfade starts]

For a Down time that starts after Up time starts:
Remember that time starts counting at [GO]:
Press [Time] [up] [Time] [down]
[Wait] [Wait] [time after GO that downfade starts]

To record Auto-follow cues (a cue automatically launches another cue):
Record first cue, including times, then:
Identify Follow Softkey and press, e.g. [S6] "Follow" then:
[delay before next cue in sec.] [Enter]
   Note: you may have to press [S7] "More Softkeys" to find the Follow key.
Then record the cue that follows.

To auto-load an out-of-sequence cue as next cue:
Record cue, time, etc. as above, then press:
[Link] [no. of next desired cue]

NOTE: YOU CAN EDIT TIMES, WAITS, FOLLOWS, LINKS at a later time by calling up a cue,
[Cue] [No.] [Enter], then function [Time][Wait][Follow][Link] as desired.

To play back a cue:
Call up first cue in sequence, [Cue] [no.] [Enter]
Press [GO] under fader desired.
Use A/B for manual fader.
Use C/D for auto-timed fader.
Next cue loads automatically as cue runs complete.

To stop a launched cue before it is complete:
Press [Hold] beside [GO].
Press [GO] to continue.

To Clear a cue (bump to blackout and unload a fader) press [Clear] above fader.

To back up into previous cue:
Press [Back] above fader.

To record a Submaster, set desired look on Stage, then:
Press [Record] [Sub] [no. of sub] [Enter]
Press [Record] [Sub] [Flash] button of Sub desired.

To record a Group (a collection of channels called up as a unit),
Set desired channels at Full or at proportional levels on Stage, then:
Press [Record] [Group] [no.] [Enter].

To call up a group and set to a level:
Press [Group] [no.] [At] [level].

To Save a show to a Backup disk, insert a DOS-formatted disk in the floppy drive on back right, then:
Press [Setup] [3]-"Disk functions", [1]-"Write Show to Disk" [Enter].
If it tells you disk is corrupt, format it by pressing [4]-"Format Disk", then save with [1]-"Write Show to Disk" [Enter].
Note: board uses DOS disks, and will report Mac-formated disks as corrupt. Just use Format to fix this.

To load a show from a floppy backup into the board:
Press [Setup] [3]-"Disk functions', [2]-"Read Show from Disk" [Enter]
NOTE: This will erase show currently in board. Make a backup first as above if necessary.