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IATSE Local 470
Union Stagehands
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IA 470 Hiring Hall

IATSE 470 has instituted a Hiring Hall to place workers in jobs. All workers who wish to work with IA 470 must become members of the Hiring Hall, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Hiring Hall Procedures. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF IATSE 470 TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HIRING HALL! You DO have to be a member of the Hiring Hall to receive work through the Hiring Hall.

If you are interested in working through the Hiring Hall, please review the Hiring Hall Procedures. Then, if you wish to apply, you must print, fill out and return the Hiring Hall Agreement to the address indicated on the form.

PLEASE BE AWARE that applying to the Hiring Hall is NO GUARANTEE of receiving work! There are MANY members of the Hiring Hall, and work is assigned according the Procedures outlined in the document. Again, see the Hiring Hall Procedures document for details. Be aware that the terms of the Worker Conduct Policy applies to ALL workers who apply to the Hiring Hall.

Venue Paperwork

Worker are required by law to prove employment eligibility and to file income tax paperwork before they can be hired. YOU MUST DO THIS WITH EACH EMPLOYER! Forms filed with one employer will NOT transfer automatically to another. Every employer must do this separately. If you do NOT fill out the appropriate paperwork with an employer, the employer cannot legally pay you! The forms required for ALL employers are the I9 Form, The Federal W4 Form, and the Wisconsin WT-4 Form. Some employers also require their own "New Hire" information forms, and or may offer a direct payment option for your paycheck. Paperwork for SOME of our venues can be found below. Usually you will get this from your job steward the first time you arrive at the jobsite. You can also bring copies with you (if you wish) to speed up the check-in process.

To fill out the I9 Form you MUST provide Proof of Citizenship and Proof of Employment Elligibility. You MUST bring these proof documents with you any time you are working for an employer or venue for the first time. A complete list of acceptable documents is attached to the I9 Form. You need ONE document from Column A (e.g. an unexpired Passport) -OR- you need TWO documents: one document from Column B -AND- one from Column C. For most people this usually means a Drivers License (column B) and a Social Security Card (column C), or you can use a Passport (column A).

PMI (Resch Center, BCA, Meyer Theatre) documents

Fox Valley Performing Arts Center documents

Alliance, Inc.

Alliance, Inc. is the payroll corporation sometimes used by IA 470. Go to their web-page at www.alliancepayroll.org to download and print Alliance Invoices, workcall sheets, new employee forms, or Injury Report forms for use by members serving as job stewards. Check it out!

Stewards and employees should note:

Mailing Address:
Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 9316
Green Bay, WI 54308-9316

Phone: 920.370.8015    800.211.8341

Fax: 920.430.0518

Chief Business Officer: Elizabeth (Liz) Rehberg

Email: alliancecbo@gmail.com

Please direct all correspondence, payroll forms, jobsheets, and invoices to the new office location.

Additional steward materials can be found in the Members Only part of this web site.

Worker Conduct Policy

Last modified May 3, 2018
Mick Alderson: mick.alderson@gmail.com