IATSE Local 470
Permit Worker Intro

Welcome to the world of stagecraft! We are happy to have you with us as a permit worker in The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local #470. We are always looking for people that are able and willing to help us set up and tear down shows and exhibitions at various venues.

I would like to give you a little information about what we do. The other information contained in this packet is information that is important for you to know if you are going to continue to work with us. If you have questions about actually joining the Union at some point, talk to your job steward and/or the Business Agent and we will be more than happy to explain the procedure.

Our primary responsibilities include:

Loading in, setting up, and loading out theatrical events and concerts at various venues:

We perform many other duties having to do with setting up entertainment events that are too numerous to mention in this outline but the ones listed above are some examples. If you feel you would be interested in doing this type of work, please contact the Business Agent, who will call when events occur with which we need help.

You may mail to:

Business Agent, Local 470
PO Box 2421
Appleton, WI 54912

or e-mail to:


IA 470 Worker Info

These points are vital to your safety and ours!! You will be expected to be familiar with the rest of the info in this packet by the next time you work for IATSE Local 470 Stagehands Union. Thanks!

IATSE Local 470 Hiring Hall Conduct Policies and Procedure

All workers are required to follow the Hiring Hall Conduct Policies and Procedures. Please familiarize yourself with them.

IATSE Local 470 hiring hall appeal process and common warnings

Appeals and fines:

  1. If you receive a warning of any sort the IATSE #470 Conduct Board will review it and decide if it warrants a discipline. Usually the Board will review the warning within 30 days. Some times it will take slightly longer due to when the warning was received and when the Steward turns it in.
  2. If you receive a warning you will receive a letter from the Conduct Board informing you of this. You will be given 30 days from the Conduct Board's review to appeal any warnings, suspension, or fines. All appeals must be in writing and post marked by the given date in the letter from the Board.
  3. 3.You do have the right to request to appeal your warning in person. Written request for an in person appeal must be made 10 days prior to the cut off date for appeal. This is to allow time to make the arrangements needed for a location and time to conduct the appeal. Failure to show up for an in person appeal will result in the fine or suspension standing.
  4. If you do nothing then your disciplinary action will be posted after the thirty-day appeal time has passed.
  5. Failure to comply with the disciplinary action imposed will result in being removed from the hiring hall call list.


  1. If you are Late by even by a minute expect to be written up by the Steward. If you are late a half hour or more expect to be docked the appropriate amount of pay or replaced.
  2. The Steward is there only to document not to decide anything else.
  3. If you have a ticket, doctors note, or any other documentation that may be a reason for your lateness bring or get a copy to be attached to the warning or your appeal.
  4. If you know you are going to be late, call the steward. If you do not have the stewards phone number call a friend on the call or the venue to let the Steward know. You will still be written up but the effort can go a long way.
  5. If you are late repeatedly in a calendar year expect a suspension from the hiring hall call list.

No Call No Show:

  1. If you do not show up and do not call expect to be written up. Penalties will increase for future violations. (See attached IA 470 Hiring Hall conduct policy)
  2. If you are not going to make it to work call ahead of time (The sooner the better) Even if it is 3 in the morning call the Business Agent office and leave a message.
  3. If for some reason you cannot call in you must have some sort of proof that your no call/no show had a valid reason or the Conduct Board will not even consider an appeal.
  4. If you call in after the call has already started you will be written up and counted as a no show.
  5. If you have a ticket, doctors note, or any other documentation that may be a reason for your no show bring or get a copy to be attached to the warning or your appeal.

IATSE 470 Hours Report

At the following venues, IATSE 470 has been able to negotiate rate increases for permit workers once they reach a certain number of hours of work with IATSE 470. In order for these increases to occur, you must keep track of and report your hours worked to the secretary of IATSE 470 at P.O. Box 2421 Appleton, WI 54912.

Report only hours worked from jobs that you are referred to by IATSE 470. These hours need only be submitted on a yearly basis or when you reach the minimum number of hours listed below. Continue tracking hours until you have reached the maximum at each venue. If this is not done, you will not receive these increases and will remain at the current permit worker rate at the venues that this pertains to.

For all of the following venues, your rates will increase to the Apprentice rate once you reach 1000 hours of reported work experience with IATSE 470 and will increase to the Journeyman rate once you reach 2000 hours of reported work experience: Resch (PMI), The Wausau Grand Theatre, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, The Weidner Center, The Meyer Theatre, GES Exposition Services, and Oneida Bingo and Casino. For all of our other venues at the moment, rates increase with hours worked at those particular venues but not overall hours worked so you will still need to track your hours at all other venues also.


IATSE Local 470 is committed to provising a work environment free of discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of any legally protected status. Accordingly, IATSE Local 470 will not tolerate any form of unlawful harassment by or against any of its officers, staff, members or employees represented by IATSE Local 470, where IATSE Local 470 is the bargaining agent.

The conduct prohibited by this policy includes all unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based on a person's protected status under law, such as sex, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, or other protected group status. Examples include racial jokes, epithets or slurs, or offensive graphic or written material. View the official policy here:

IA470 Anti-Harassment Policy



Everyone is expected to bring a few simple tools to every job. Here are required and recommended lists.

REQUIRED: Leather work gloves (not fashion gloves), pocket flashlight, Leatherman or similar pocket tool kit, 8" crescent wrench, and a tool pouch to carry them. If you don't have a pocket tool kit, then a straight blade screwdriver, pocket knife, Phillips screwdriver, and a pliers should be in your tool kit.

RECOMMENDED: A hammer is good to bring to any staging job. Carpenters should have a hammer, wonder bar, tape measure and (if you own one) a battery-powered screw gun.

Wardrobe should have safety pins, needles, both white and black thread. An apron is recommended to wear to keep yourself ready; you may purchase one from the T-shirt committee.

Electricians should have side cutters and Slotted and Philips Screwdriver.

Obviously you will not need all the required tools all the time.If you are a loader, you may need only gloves. When you become familar with the various jobs and what they have you do, you can adjust the tools you bring.

Note: Lanyards should not be used for passes. This is a necklace which can be unsafe! Yes, you need a pass, but you should not wear the lanyard during setup and teardown as it can compromise your safety.


PLEASE treat headsets with respect as tuey are not cheap! If you are to be on a headset during the show PLEASE OBSERVE SILENCE unless you are told otherwise. It is okay to talk during a break, it is okay to ask questions relevant to your job. At the enh of the show please bring your head set and belt pack to the place you were instructed. The management is pretty good at reminding you when and where to bring them.


If you are to run a spotlight for a show it is important that you OBSERVE SILENCE! Others may have cues they need to hear, as in a music score, or a certain line or even the beat of the music. If you have a problem with your light and don't know how to fix it, ask one of the other spotlight operators to help or call the master electrician.

Other spotlight considerations: Xenon lights should be cooled before turning off the main power source. Truss spotlights are not ones we have to cool as their fan and light are on the same switch. Turn of at end of the show. The house spots at the Weidner Center and the FVPAC must be cooled and have a sign to remind you of this.

Truck Loading

There are special things to keep in mind as you load a truck. If you are a loader you should know your abilities and know if a box or crate is too heavy for you. Lift with your legs, not with your back! Be sure there are enough stagehands at the ramp before you let a piece down. Let the hands know when it is okay for them to push a crate up the ramp.

If you are a "pusher" never pull a box up the ramp. The recommended method is to have one or two people on the back pushing and one person on each side of the ramp, on the ground, guiding/pulling the box. People have been crushed while pulling crates up a ramp by getting trapped when in the truck.

Keep flat hands on the pieces instead of wrapping fingers around edges as parts may shift and cause injury. No horse play is allowed on the dock or in the truck. If you make a game that is not harmful to others and helps you get the job done safely, that is okay. Never run in the loading dock area.

If you see someone struggle with a piece don't just stand around, jump in and help them out. If they get angry remain to help them because it is better they are angry rather than hurt. When your job is done in your department on a load-out. You are a pusher! Contrary to some opinions, you do NOT stand around and talk. The one who stands around talking or complaining is a bad example that should not be followed!