It's time for EAA. Work starts early July and the show opens on July 22. Check out the section on Summer Outdoor shows on the main IA470 website for what to expect.

Oshkosh, south side venues & Labor Hall
GES Check-in (1005 Schaick Ave.)
EAA grounds, Oshkosh
Map to Check-in and the Gold Lot (3799 Knapp St. Rd.)
Directions to EAA and to the Gold Lot

Official EAA Maps

You can try entering "1005 Schaick Ave, Oshkosh, WI" in your GPS. That should get you to the Bicycle Lot behind Hangars B and D. Otherwise, take Poberezny Rd (the east frontage road of Hwy 41) south past the EAA Museum to Waukau Ave. Go left around the corner (east) on Waukau Rd. to Forest Home Ave. Go right on Forest Home to Schaick Ave., then left on Schaick to the Bicycle lot.

Alternately, enter the following Plus Code address into the Search Bar of Google Maps (only): XCGP+P6 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

For the Gold lot, try GPS: 1399-1001 Ripple Rd., Oshkosh, WI
Alternately, enter this Plus Code address into Google Maps (only) XC8M+QV3 Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Be Aware:

As to tools, at a minimum GES requires in the contract that all hands have with them:

The Employer on this show is GES Exposition Service, not the Local. You will need to have paperwork CURRENT with GES. They will NOT issue a paycheck without having your W-2 and I-9 on file first, and they regularly purge their files of inactive employees. If this is your first EAA, OR you didn't work EAA last year, bring along a photo ID (driver's license, etc.) and your Social Security Card for filling out an I-9. A current passport by itself will also do. You simply won't be allowed to work and you won't get paid if you do not have CURRENT payroll paperwork ON FILE WITH GES. If you didn't work for GES last year, then you are not current and must file new paperwork. BE PREPARED.

Check-in will be located pretty much where we were in the past, in Hanger D. If you have worked EAA before, you will be able to find us easily.

During Setup prior to Sunday immediately before the show opens, and during teardown Monday - Thursday after show week: Workers should report to the south side of Hanger D to check in each day. Get there early so you can be checked in. Otherwise your paycheck may be delayed. To get there: Take Hwy 41 to Oshkosh, exit Hwy 44 east to Knapp Street Rd. south to first right which is Poberezny Road. Follow past EAA Museum to Waukau Ave. (you can only go left). On the right hand side look for the EAA Bus Park tower and turn right on Forest Home Ave. Follow that to the parking lot located behind Hangers B and D.

Oshkosh, south side venues & Labor Hall
EAA grounds, Oshkosh
GPS: 1005 Schaick Ave. Oshkosh, WI

From the day before opening to closing Sunday of Show Week: Parking will be available in the "Gold Lot". The Gold lot is located on Knapp Street Rd. between Ripple Rd. and Waupun Rd., on the West side of Knapp St. Rd. GES usually shuttles workers from the lot to GES headquarters BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE THERE ON TIME! It's a bit of a hike, so allow time to get to work ON TIME or you'll be hoofing it about a half mile, AND missing the "bus" MIGHT get you fined for being late! There is a map on how to get there at:

Map to the Gold Lot
GPS: 3799 Knapp St. Rd, Oshkosh WI

Several things to keep in mind about EAA.

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